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Corporate objective: take the road of common prosperity on the strength of our sincerity and wisdom; 

Core concept of corporate culture: jointly construct our beautiful home;

Corporate values: work performance shows ability; dignity comes from success;

Employment mechanism: judge personnel through virtue, assess personnel through talent; attract personnel through career, shape personnel through culture; Stimulate personnel through mechanism and repay personnel through treatment. 

Work objective: diligence, details, tempo and innovation;

Business concept: market orientation, led by technology, quality as the principal line, talent as fundamental, management as foundation;The business concept of taking service as guarantee.

Business objective: do not strive for the biggest and the most complete; strive to be the most professional and exquisite; Turning out products of the highest cost performance and the highest customer satisfaction are our business objective.

Development concept: Science and technology are the primary productive forces.

Quality concept: pursue the road of quality products and create Jinda brand;

Team concept: Solidarity concentrates strength; good faith leads to future;

Life principle: Do not do evil things though they may be insignificant. Do not give up good things though they may be minor matters.Principle of act: ready to dedicate, bold to take responsibility and make expansion, pursuit of excellence.

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