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Service concept

Service concept

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        The service philosophy that we always insist on and advocate is to respect the customers, understand the customers, provide the products and services exceeding the customer expectation continuously, and become the eternal partners of customers.
I. By taking every step, what we firstly think is that the customers are transformed into the buyer's market from the seller's market in the enterprise, and the consumption concept of consumers is changed. In the face of numerous commodities (or services), the consumers are more willing to accept the commodities (or services) with good quality. Here, the quality not only refers to the inherent quality of products, but also includes the packaging quality, service quality and other series of factors of products. Therefore, the consumer requirements must be met comprehensively to the farthest extent. ◇ We shall study, design and improve the service by standing in the customers' (or consumers') place, rather than the company's place.
1. Perfect the service system; strengthen the pre-sales, medium-sales and after-sales service; and timely help to solve the problems presented by the customers during the use of commodity, so that the customers feel very convenient.
2. Pay high attention to the customer comments, let the customers participate in the decision making, and take the customer handling opinion as the important link satisfying the customers. ◇ Leave the existing customers by all manner of means.
3. Build the mechanism that the customer is the center, wherein the establishment of organizations, reform of service process and others shall take the customer requirement as the center; and build the rapid response mechanism for the customer comments.
II. The customers are always right
1. The customers are the purchasers of commodities, rather than the trouble makers;
2. The customers have the most understanding of their demand and hobby, which is exactly the information that the enterprise needs to collect;
3. As the customers have "natural consistency", to quarrel with one customer is equal to quarrel with all customers.
III. Three elements of customer satisfaction
1. Commodity satisfaction: it refers to the customer satisfaction for the quality of commodity.
2. Service satisfaction: it refers to the positive attitude of customers to pre-sales, medium-sales and after-sales service of commodity that they purchase. The commodity must be depended on the service when it is presented in the market, no matter how perfect the commodity is, and how reasonable the price is. "After-sales service makes a permanent customer". Enterprise image satisfaction: it refers to the positive evaluation of the public to the enterprise comprehensive strength and overall impression.
IV. "5S" in 5S concept refers to the English acronym of five words, i.e."SMILE, SPEED, SINCERITY, SMART and STUDY". "5S" concept is the most representative service and cultural innovation, and not only has the era characteristics of full humanization, and also has the considerable operability.
1. Smile: it refers to the moderate smile. The shopping guide can present the real smile only with the considerate heart for the customers. The smile can reflect the thankful heart and spiritual tolerance, and can present the mindedness, health and considerateness.
2. Speed: it refers to "being quick", and has two meanings: one is the physical speed, namely, be quick as far as possible when work, do not let the customers wait for a long time, and the like; and the second is the speed on the demonstration, the customer satisfaction will be presented by virtue of the fully sincere action and considerate heart of shopping guide, so that they do not feel to wait for a long time. The important measuring standard that the service is good or bad is to present the vitality with the quick action, and not to let the customers wait.
3. Sincerity: if the shopping guide has the sincerity of making efforts to serve the customers, the customers will certainly experience. The important and basic attitude of shopping guide and the basic principle of bearing yourself are to work with the sincere and unfeigned attitude.
4. Smart: It refers to "being shrewd, neat and quick". We shall receive the customers in the clean and quick way, package the commodity with the smart, quick and elegant action, and obtain the trust of the customers with the flexible and artful work attitude.
5. Study: we shall learn and have a good command of commodity knowledge constantly, and study the customer psychology and skills of reception and answer. Usually, we shall strive to study the shopping psychology of customers and sales service skills, learn more professional knowledge on the commodity, so as to not only improve on the level of customer reception to some extent, but also be bound to have better performance.
Certainly, the purpose that we make enterprise is firstly to make money, but not only for the money, and even not venality.
Profit is the remuneration to the high-quality service. Process of pursuing the profit is that the customers return in the satisfaction willingly through the grateful dedication, and hand over the money to us without complaint gratefully.
Do not seek quick success and instant benefits, and make the service become the plunder, blackmail and cheat.